Qualities of a good epilator

Qualities of a good epilator

Epilators come in different types, and with different beneficial features. Choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging. Epilator Reviews will help find the right one. Hair removal being a painful process, buying the wrong epilator can make it even more unbearable. Due diligence is therefore required when purchasing.

These qualities of a good epilator will help you find the right one.

The best ones

 Are cordless( battery operated)

Battery powered epilators are portable and can be used while traveling and you have no access to sources of power. You can opt for rechargeable ones or those with removable batteries.
They are also safe to use in wet environments like when removing hair under water or in the shower as there is no risk of electric shock.

Have variable speed

These types will allow to adjust speed to reduce paid depending on the sensitivity of the particular area, or the size of the hairs.
Some areas of the skin are more sensitive than others and will require lower speeds when plucking hairs around them. Thick hairs can be quite painful to remove at high speeds. Adjustable speed, therefore, helps to reduce pain.

 They have pain relieving mechanisms

222kjhHigh-quality epilators will have cooling capabilities to reduce pain while in action. Some even have massaging mechanisms to sooth the skin and relieve the pain resulting from the plucked hairs.

Have high numbers of tweezers

A Higher number of tweezers means faster hair removal and which is effective. Cheap models have as low as 20 tweezers and are disappointingly inefficient in plucking hairs. An epilator with 66 tweezers and upwards is recommended.

Have both dry and wet operation option

These epilators will give you a choice of using them in water without having to worry about damaging them. When buying, its good to check this feature.

 Have blades that are hypo- allergenic

For those with sensitive skin, it’s advisable to look for epilators that indicate their blades are safe on all types of skins. You don’t want to end up with a bumpy skin.

 They are sold at higher prices

cash-1297613_640Needless to say, cheap epilators will only give you agony when removing hair. Their mechanisms may even present a danger to your skin. Costly epilators are sure to have all the qualities for a smooth and safe experience.

When buying an epilator, it’s always advisable to go for the popular brands. Also look for companies offering money back guarantees in case you find the product not satisfactory; you can be sure they believe their products to work.…