Tips For Buying A Baju Kurung Dress

Tips For Buying A Baju Kurung Dress

The Baju Kurung is a kind of a traditional dressing, which gained popularity in the 90s. This dress is the national dress of Malaysia and Brunei and is also greatly worn in parts of Singapore and Thailand. The description of the dress is quite simple as it can be done in two words – “enclosed dress.” The dress was popularized by Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor.

Tips for buying Baju Karung dress

Understand it is not easy

To find a proper Baju Kurung in these modern times is quite difficult. As the lack of knowledge is one of the major drawbacks that bring this situation, many people don’t have any clue about choosing the right Baju Kurung dress for them. We have brought together three tips for buying a baju kurung dress that will help anyone selecting their perfect set of baju kurung dress.



Understand the dress

The first and foremost requirement of selecting a baju kurung dress is to know about it. And one simply cannot and buy a baju kurung dress as it is a shirt or jeans. It is wise to choose the right color for your complexity to look better. For baju kurung, light colors are preferred for brown complexion with a pinch of shine and light complexions are suggested to wear shiny and attractive colors.

Understand the variety

The second thing to keep in mind is that there are different categories of baju kurung depending upon the stitching around the neck. One is known as “teluk belanga” while the other is known as “cekak musang.” Teluk belanga style does not have a collar and the neckline is stitched in a way known as “tulan belut.” In cekak musang style there is a standing collar with five button holes.

Understand the men and women versions

The last thing to note is that there is different baju kurung for men and women. Buju kurung is the name used to point out the entire attire, but in Malaysia, baju kurung is the name given to female attire, and baju Melayu is the name given to male attire. The baju Melayu includes loosely fitting shirt and long sleeves combined with long plain pants and has a sampling wrapped around the body. While the female attire known as baju kurung, includes a loose-fitting, full-length dress, which has a plain skirt and a collarless blouse extending over at the hips or knees.



This set of simple tips can change the way one sees the baju kurung dress. Men and women can easily identify their ideal type of baju kurung and can select the most appropriate combination that will suit their complexion, posture, and style.…