What exactly does one mean when they talk about a bespoke suit? The simplest description that can be given to a bespoke suit is a type of suit that is made by a tailor according to the requirement, measurements and includes the unique features that the customer has commissioned. The word “ Bespoke is a British word that is used to mean custom made. The terms “made to order” and “made to measure” can also be used to refer to the same thing. Both of them mean the opposite of ready to wear.

The art of bespoke tailoring can be traced back to the times of Britain’s traditional royalties and aristocrats. These are the persons who used to commission handmade garments from merchants and tailors. But this trend is still alive to date. The trend is so popular that tailors are using the technique more and more. Due to this popularity, bespoke suits are a favorite to many; then we are going to discuss the attributes that make bespoke suits tailoring that popular:


sdfghjhgfdfgAs opposed to the techniques that are employed in the made to measure companies, a tailor who specializes in bespoke suits will not at any time rely on modified patterns. This is most likely going to lead him to miss some attributes of the client’s body. This is the reason behind them taking measurements of things like the clients back and even the slopes of their shoulders. By the time they are done with the exercise, a blueprint of the suit is made and stored for future use for each wearer.

Provision for multiple fitting

When you contract the services of a bespoke tailor, they will have to undertake multiple fittings to ensure that the garment or suit ordered fits the client perfectly. You will have to undertake at least three fitting sessions before the process is completed. First, goes the skeleton base fitting, then there comes the second one which is the base fitting and the third and final fitting which is popularly known as the fin bar fine fitting.This is as opposed to the made to measure procedure where there is no fitting during the manufacture or creation process. Here you will only do the initial measurement taking, and then the final fitting when the suit is ready.


Another reason why individuals prefer bespoke tailoring is that they come up with a customized pattern for each and every client. This ensures that each suit has the personal touch of its particular owner. This is meant to ensure that each customer gets a comfortable outfit to wear.

High quality

ftgyujhgfdsfgBespoke tailoring is turning out to be popular since one gets the opportunity to choose their fabric. This will result in the long term guarantee that they will get a suit that will service them for a relatively long period. Most bespoke tailors are extremely knowledgeable about the best fabrics hence will offer appropriate advice. They also have the pros and cons of how to go about choosing the best designs.Thus when you work one on one with such an experienced tailor, then you will rest assured that your new cloth will meet your desired requirements.

Advantages Of Bespoke Tailoring
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